Monday, 22 February 2016

Apple crumble week

This week we are selling Apple crumbles for five dollars. To fundraise to get the food for the chickens.
I felt a little frustrated cutting the apples into quarters to go into the food proceser because it was hard trying not to cut myself. But it was really estatic selling the apple crumbles because everyone was patient lining up not screaming for them and it all went well. We raised $605 for the chicken food. Some money we might fundraise. We made 132 apple crumbles. By the way the apple crumbles were YUM!!

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

My week

White hat ( what I've done this week ) : gardening, swimming and our projects 

Black hat ( what was challenging ) : gardening because trying to get them out of the container and if they were wrapped up it was hard to pull them apart

Yellow hat (what went well ) : swimming because it was fun to help each other with a noodle or two milk bottles to get to the other end.